Coyote Sightings Could Rise During Spring Pup Season

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission say this month is when people are more likely to spot a coyote than other time of the year.

Coyotes are common in the state but not usually spotted, except in late spring when they are scouting for food for young pups.

Seeing a coyote in a residential area shouldn’t cause alarm, as attacks on humans are very rare, and coyotes actually help to keep rodent populations in check. However, concerns for small pets, such as cats and small-breed dogs, may be valid as these animals can easily be mistaken for a coyote’s natural prey. 

Homeowners can make their neighborhoods less attractive to coyotes by removing easy food sources and actively scaring off any coyotes they see. Also, keep
cats and small dogs on a leash or harness whenever they are outside. Backyard poultry should be kept in a predator-proof coop and run. Feed pets inside and keep food waste in secure containers. Keep fruit and bird seed off the ground. These foods can attract rodents and wildlife that prey on them.

If you have questions about interactions with coyotes, visit

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