Next Step in Beech Mountain Ambulance Agreement

We reported last month how factors like terrain and inclement weather make getting emergency services to the residence of Beech Mountain very difficult.

Beach Mountain town manager Bob Putney said in life or death situation every minute counts and people in many situations cannot afford to wait for an extended period of time. Fortunately Avery and Watauga counties have reached an agreement regarding beach mountains ambulance services.  The point of contention is the beach mountain is nestled right between Watauga and Avery counties making the logistics of ambulance services a bureaucratic issue. Fortunately both counties voted unanimously to provide EMS services within the municipal limits of Beech Mountain. Some specifics of the agreement is that neither county is allowed to charge the other for the services included in the agreement and the beach mount unit in Watauga county is required to provide services on a 24 seven basis. Disagreement last until June 30 of 2023 which should provide ample opportunity to see if the arrangement works for everyone according to Avery county manager Philip barrier

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